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Picnic and Market stalls

Picnic and market stalls - as a part of a festive event.


The Picnic we offer is part of socializing and relaxation in nature, enjoying the outdoors, participation in food preparation and a variety of other activities. In short, it is suitable for any event where you strive for a more relaxed atmosphere. A picnic with more exclusive dishes is also suitable for events such as wedding receptions, personal celebrations, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings.

Go for a stroll with a bundle on your shoulder

You don’t want to stay in one place, but go for a hike? Then choose our bundles and take a stroll. You will be served a snack that you can eat on the go, on idyllic meadow or at the beach.

Market Stalls

The marketplace is a very vibrant place where traditional cuisine is placed alongside local handicrafts. The market stalls are usually arranged according to their theme; you can choose from a range of stalls with fish, salads, dumplings, fruit, and desserts.

Our market stalls are not only used for public but also private events. They represent a perfect surrounding to display hot and cold buffets. With this type of catering culinary delights take the forefront and an entertaining factor can be added through show cooking of any type of food you desire.

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