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Hot and Cold Buffets

SORA Catering’s buffets represent a fusion of flavours.

Fusion of flavours

The buffets we offer are suitable for any occasion; for standing and seated receptions or any type of private event at home or wherever else you wish.

Our buffets represent a fusion of flavours; from Karst prosciutto, smoked products produced by the best farmers, to Adriatic sea bass - in short, everything nature has to offer us.

Tailored Selection

All the gourmet dishes and products we offer are carefully selected, taking into account your wishes, seasonality, the type of event, the structure and number of guests. The fusion of different flavors is then put on display on the neatly decorated buffet table.

The most common types of cold and warm buffets we offer are:

  • Classic
  • Rural
  • Mediterranean
  • Slovenian
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